Nature Themed Preschool Workbooks

Nature-Themed Preschool Worksheets

I’ve recently created some Nature-themed preschool worksheets.  While I don’t think worksheets are an essential part of a preschool curriculum, some children love doing them. This set of worksheets cover math, literacy, and visual perception.  They have a fun nature theme with hand-drawn images.  I’ve added a touch of color here and there for interest, but I know we’re all ink-conscious so I’ve kept it to a minimum.

Preschool Math and Literacy printable worksheets

I’ve included a lot of mazes which are great for developing fine motor skills. (Feel free to print out the following worksheets to try out.)

Preschool Counting 1-10 Maze

There are also some visual perception worksheets- find the one that is different, draw the missing parts, left and right, etc.  Visual perception is such a handy skill when it actually comes time to learn to read– and for telling those pesky b’s and d’s apart.

Which one is different? Preschool worksheet-Draw the missing parts

Here are some of the other worksheets included.  I think your child will love the variety.

Nature-Themed Preschool Worksheets1

Topics covered include the following:

  • Left and right
  • Same and different
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Lowercase and upper case
  • Small, smaller, smallest
  • Which is bigger?
  • Which is taller?
  • Categorizing
  • Beginning sounds
  • Complete the patterns

There are 72 pages in all!

Nature-Themed Preschool Worksheets

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