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Picture Book Biographies of Famous Mathematicians

A while ago we checked out The Boy Who Loved Math from the library.  It quickly became one of our favorite math picture books. I loved all the math incorporated into each picture.  My son studied it over and over and read all the fine print in the back and said he wants one for his own. This led me on a search to find other great math picture book biographies.

We Were Tired of Living in a House

I wanted to introduce you to one of our favorite vintage children’s books, We Were Tired of Living in a House by Liesel Moak Skorpen. This book is about a group of children who decide to leave their home in search of a new place to live. They try out a tree, a cave, a pond, the seashore, and then, after a series of mishaps, eventually decide to move back home. This is one book that I don’t mind reading over and over, which is a good thing because my little girl loves to hear it.

The Lifegiving Table by Sally Clarkson {review}

I love Sally Clarkson’s writings. She always encourages me to love my family more intentionally, more patiently, more joyfully– and her newest book, The Lifegiving Table was no different.

Even before I was finished reading the introduction, I was reminded that no matter what my parenting views or methods, having a relationship with my children is one of the most important things that I can do. I see that now ever more clearly that most of my children are teens or close to teens.

Lessons Learned From My Son’s First Self-Published Book

My son recently published his first book. The book is about chess. And not just chess in general, but on one single opening. We’ve had some people ask why he chose to write a book on one specific chess opening. I think he explains it really well in his introduction so if you want to know, just check out his introduction. We learned some things along the way that I thought I’d share with you today.

Courage for the Mom Who’s Raising a Different Child

Parenting is hard. I don’t think anyone who as been a parent for any amount of time would disagree. There aren’t always easy answers for the problems we face. Again and again, we need to ask God how to best face the challenges before us. Never is this more true, though, than when one is raising a child who is different.