Preschool Snowy Day Printables


Snowy Day Printables is a set of worksheets that go along with Ezra Keats’ book The Snowy Day.

The worksheets include number activities using the numbers 1-5 and letter activities using the “s” sound. They also cover sequencing, opposites, and comprehension activities. There are twenty-three pages in all.

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Preschool Snowy Day Printables includes the following activities.

  • Sequencing events in The Snowy Day (cut and paste) I included an easy one with four events and a harder one with eight events.
  • Snowman cut and paste puzzle (number match)
  • Maze
  • Circle the correct number (1-5)
  • Circle the biggest object
  • Cut and paste shape match
  • Cut and paste beginning “s” sound
  • “S” recognition
  • Distinguishing activities Peter did in the book
  • Circle the object that is different
  • Sequencing “How to Build a Snowman”
  • Traffic light cut and paste activity
  • What do you use when you take a bath? (cut and paste)
  • Counting activity
  • Simple tracing activity
  • Snowy scene cut and paste puzzle (number match)
  • Horse and sleigh cut and paste puzzle (matching shapes)
  • Circle the object that matches
  • Complete-the-sketch
  • Opposites (warm and cold)


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