Nature-Themed Preschool Worksheets-Math, Literacy, and Visual Perception


These nature-themed preschool worksheets are perfect for your students to work on math, literacy and visual perception skills. There is just a touch of color to save on ink, but if you need to, you can print in black and white as well. There is no prep work involved. Just print and use.

There are 72 pages in all! A few pages are mainly duplicates with simple and harder versions. See below for details.

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Activities include the following:

  • Which is taller?
  • Circle the pictures that are the same.
  • Which is shorter?
  • Which is more?
  • Which is longer?
  • Left and right (2)
  • Which is shorter?
  • Large, larger, largest
  • Small, smaller, smallest
  • Matching uppercase to lowercase (6 pages)
  • Cross out the one that is different. (2 pages)
  • Which one is different? Fill in the parts that are missing. (3 pages)
  • Cut and paste patterns (2 pages)
  • Categorizing- birds and insects
  • Tracing
  • Number worksheets, 1-10, various activities on each page including mazes, matching (10 pages)
  • Color by dot numbers 1-3 (1 page)
  • Find the hidden numbers, easy (4)
  • Find the hidden numbers, same as above but harder (4)
  • Color by number to discover the hidden number (2)
  • Cut and paste, numbers 1-4
  • Cut and paste, numbers 5-8
  • Cut and paste complete the patterns, numbers 1-10 (2 pages)
  • Fill in the missing numbers, numbers 1-10
  • Graphing activity (2 pages)
  • Simple Adding (2 pages)
  • Mazes following the numbers 1-10 (4)
  • Same mazes as above without numbers (4)
  • Simple maze
  • Cut and paste beginning sounds, S and B
  • Match the pictures with the same beginning sounds- b, f, d c, and l
  • Match the letters to the pictures with the same beginning sounds c, n, f, l and d
  • Match the letters to the pictures with the same beginning sounds r, p, a, m, and e
  • Follow the arrows to reach the end (2)
  • Cut and paste shapes to complete the pictures
  • Addition and Subtraction plus drawing activity (2)

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