Complete a Dot Activities

Complete-a-Dot Printable Activities

I made these Complete-a-Dot Printable Activities for my daughter a while ago and am only now getting them up on my blog.  My little girl loved matching the stickers to the right colors.

These Complete-a-Dot printable activity pages are meant to be used with three-quarter inch office labels.  I bought some at the dollar store, or you could buy them on Amazon.  You could also use Do a Dot markers.

You can choose to have the child match the colors or use his/her imagination to finish the pictures.  This is a good activity to keep your younger children occupied while you teach school to the older ones.  Not that anything keeps them occupied for long, but it’s worth a try.  It also makes a fun travel activity.

Skills learned include the following:

  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Fine motor skills
  • Color matching


Do a Dot Sticker Printables
Do a Dot Sticker Activity




Complete a Dot Printable Activities



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