Snowy Day Printables

Preschool Snowy Day Printables

My preschool daughter loves books and she also loves worksheets, so I’ve created some Snowy Day Printables to go with one of her favorite books– The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats.  (Scroll down for FREEBIE.)

The worksheets include a lot of cut and paste activities because she loves doing those.   I’ve tried to keep most of the cutting lines straight so that your little ones can do most of the cutting themselves. The worksheets include number activities using the numbers 1-5 and letter activities using the “s” sound.  They also cover sequencing, opposites, and comprehension activities.  There are twenty-three pages in all.

Preschool Snowy Day Printables

My daughter had so much fun with these worksheets and did some of them a couple of times.

Preschool Snowy Day Printables includes the following activities.

  • Sequencing events in The Snowy Day (cut and paste)  I included an easy one with four events and a harder one with eight events.
  • Snowman cut and paste puzzle (number match)
  • Maze
  • Circle the correct number (1-5)
  • Circle the biggest object
  • Cut and paste shape match
  • Cut and paste beginning “s” sound
  • “S” recognition
  • Distinguishing activities Peter did in the book
  • Circle the object that is different
  • Sequencing “How to Build a Snowman”
  • Traffic light cut and paste activity
  • What do you use when you take a bath? (cut and paste)
  • Counting activity
  • Simple tracing activity
  • Snowy scene cut and paste puzzle (number match)
  • Horse and sleigh cut and paste puzzle (matching shapes)
  • Circle the object that matches
  • Complete-the-sketch
  • Opposites (warm and cold)


Take advantage of your students’ love of The Snowy Day with these engaging tie-in activities.  Some of the sheets can be used alone, but would be enhanced by first reading the book.  There are a few sheets included that you need to have read the book to complete.

You can also get a FREE sample pack.  Just click on the image below.


Here is my daughter enjoying some of the worksheets.

Preschool Big Small worksheet

Preschool Complete the Sketch

Preschool Opposite printable

Preschool Printable

Preschool Cut and paste Number Activity

Preschool Cut and Paste Puzzle

Preschool cut and paste Sorting Activity

Preschool Matching Printable

Preschool Number Printable


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