Bigger Hearts For His Glory Heart of DakotaUnit 32

Bigger Hearts for His Glory- Unit 32

This week in Bigger Hearts for His Glory, we finished the book The Wright Brothers and their Sister.  We were glad to see the Wright brothers finally receive the recognition that they deserved.

The Wright brothers traveled to France and were celebrated there as heroes (unlike the first time they traveled there and were largely ignored).  This time they were visited by the King of  Spain and the King of England.

For artistic expression Kevin made the Coat of Arms that was used by King Richard I and still represents the kingdom of England today.  He really struggled with drawing the lion, so I gave him step-by-step instructions.  Then I layered three pieces of paper together and cut three lions out at once for him.

Bigger Hearts Unit 32 Coat of Arms

For Science we did experiments on lift, drag, thrust, gravity, and friction. We observed which was a better conductor of heat- metal, plastic, or wood.  We were also supposed to do an experiment involving hot water, cold water, and food coloring, but I haven’t been able to find the food coloring since our move three weeks ago.

We also continued reading Thomas A. Edison: Young Inventor.  We always enjoy the Childhood of Famous American books.

We started a new Storytime book- Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague.  We didn’t get very far and we start the folk tale genre next week, so we’ll finish up Sea Star in the evenings.

The poem for the week was “Prayer for a Pilot.”  We used the poem to study different elements of poetry including alliteration.  The character trait for the week was patience which was illustrated by the Wright Brothers and the story of the Prodigal Son.

You might have noticed my weekly updates are getting shorter.  The weather has finally warmed up here, and yard work and gardening have begun, not to mention we’ve just been enjoying the beautiful weather.

Thanks for reading!

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