Resurrection to Reformation- Unit 6

We come back from a three-week trip out west last weekend so we’re just settling back into school.  We enjoyed our vacation visiting family and friends, but I really miss teaching school.  I’m not sure my boys would say the same, but they do agree that there is no place like home!

Caleb finished Unit 6 recently in Heart of Dakota Resurrection to Reformation.  He learned about Justinian the Great, Mohammad, and the rise of Islam.  We went to listen to William Federer speak on Islam this past weekend so it was neat how that tied in what we were reading about.

For a history project, Caleb was supposed to bake five loaves of bread and hide Bible verses in them from Matthew 16:13-17 that talk about Jesus Christ being the one and only God.  The recipe called for sour cream and I realized too late that we didn’t have any.  I decided to substitute milk, vinegar, and butter for the sour cream.  The batter turned out too runny for bread so we made it into muffins instead.  He and his brothers had fun seeing who would end up with the muffin with the verses inside.

IMG_20151013_114216789 (Small)

Notice the crock pot in the background.  I’ve found school goes so much better if I don’t have to worry about lunch.  I’m not always this organized, though. That’s something I want to work on.

In science Caleb learned about tides and the eclipses with Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  He designed a simple experiment illustrating the different kinds of eclipses.  It was fun to be studying this so soon after the recent lunar eclipse.

Caleb continues writing about what he learned in the beautiful notebook pages.  I’ve been focusing on making sure he uses capital letters, punctuation, and possessive nouns correctly.  I also have him check over his homophones like there and their.  These things don’t come naturally for him so this is a good time to remind him.  I am trying to get him to proofread his own work.  I am looking forward to seeing improvement in this area this year.

Resurrection to Reformation notebook pages

In story time, he’s been reading The Mystery of the Silver Coins.  We’ve read this book before as a family read-aloud, but he is enjoying it again.  When he was supposed to share a life lesson learned during his reading time, we discussed how God has a plan for his life just like He did for the character Bree.

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