Antibody Science Experiment

Bigger Hearts for His Glory-Unit 6

This week in Bigger Hearts for His Glory we learned about William Penn and the founding of Pennsylvania.  We also studied the famous painter Benjamin West.

In story time we finished Pocahontas and the Strangers.  Kevin loved this book and was always eager to hear what happened next.  We discussed how some of the problems with the Indians in Pocahontas could have been avoided if all colonies had been founded on the principles which William Penn used in founding Pennsylvania.

For a new story time book, we started Snow Treasure.  This promises to be another exciting book.  We did the activity that we were supposed to do at the beginning of Unit 5 when we started the adventure genre.  We missed this activity because we were in the middle of a book at the time. Usually I try to keep on track, but we somehow got off.  I wrote six different characters, settings, and problems on a piece of paper and Kevin had to unlock the new adventure novel by the correct roll of the dice.

Adventure Genre Activity

In science we did an experiment showing how our body fights off sickness.

Antibody Science Experiment

He also completed a science notebook page about folk remedies.  (Sometimes we use the printables available on the HOD Facebook page to cut down on writing.)

Folk Remedy Notebook page

For artistic expression, Kevin was supposed to paint a picture using berry juice like Benjamin West.  The only fruit juice we had in the house was from canned elderberries.  That was too pale so we used beet juice.  We also used lemon juice for yellow, but we added a drop of yellow food coloring.  When we wanted green, I told Kevin since Benjamin West borrowed indigo from his mother, he can borrow a drop of blue food coloring from me to make the yellow turn green.

Painting with berry juice

The next day Kevin was supposed to make a notebook page showing a paint palette and list facts about Benjamin West.  He remembered quite a bit, especially how Benjamin West made his paint colors.  I’m sure this was because of the painting activity the day before.  I didn’t think it had turned out too well, so it was neat to see how the activity helped solidify what we had learned.

Benjamin West Activity

Kevin also did a vocabulary card on William Penn.  For now I’m only having him do one, because these take him so long.

IMG_20151016_115409700 (Medium)

Kevin is doing well in Singapore Math.  He worked ahead at the beginning of the year, but we’ve slowed down now that we’re at long division and multiplication.

Singapore Math

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