Printable United States History Games

Printable United States History Games

Printable United States History Games

Printable United States History Games BookMake learning fun with these printable history games.  Your students won’t even know they’re learning!  Contains over a dozen games that can be printed out and used to enhance your study of United States History.

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My boys and I have had so much fun with this game!!!! I cannot count how many times we have played it, but no one gets any answers wrong anymore. They even invented the rule that you have to play it forward and back again before you win.. thank you! ~Lori C. on the President’s Game

This was a hit with my students! ~Nancy D. on the Civil War Game

Excited to use this as a review.  Great resource!!!! ~Stephanie S. on the Civil War Game

Wonderful!  ~Melissa F.

Perfect to use in addition to my unit!  ~Maria C.

Perfect for my little pilot! We are using it now and will be including it as part of an upcoming unit study on aviation at Great game! ~Holly J on History of Flight Game.

This was a fun game that helped spice up our homeschool day. Quick and easy to print and assemble. We all learned new things about the Civil War while playing this game together.  ~Guest




Suggested Use:

  • Use as a review after studying the related topic in your history curriculum.
  • Use after a unit study on that topic.
  • Use after reading the correlating I Survived Book by Lauren Tarshis.
  • Check out a stack of related books from the library and then use the game as a review of what you’ve learned.

Includes the following games:

George Washington Path to Presidency Printable Board GameGeorge Washington: Path to Presidency

This is a board game to learn more about George Washington, the office of the presidency, and the lives of other presidents.

It includes a fun board game following the life of George Washington and forty-five question cards on the office of the president and on the lives of most of the United States presidents up to Donald Trump.

The questions are multiple choice so all ages can play, but if your students find this too easy, have the students answer the questions without giving the choices first.





Revolutionary War Printable File Folder GameRevolutionary War


  • An engaging printable game board picturing the highlights of the Revolutionary War
  • Thirty-six question cards covering many of the important figures and events of the Revolution including George Washington, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Benedict Arnold, Sibyl Ludington, Nathan Hale, Molly Pitcher, Paul Revere, John Adams, Henry Knox, Abigail Adams, etc.
  • Twelve soldier “situation” cards
  • Instructions for two ways to play the game including a variation where players vote on the correct answer with letter cards.




Civil War File Folder Game

Civil War


  • A printable board highlighting seven of the key battles of the Civil War
  • Sixty questions on the key events, figures, and battles of the Civil War. This game includes more questions than any of my other games because there was so much information I wanted to include.
  • Instructions





 World War II File Folder GameWorld War II


    • A four-page printable board. A low-color option of the board is also available.
    • Supply Cards and Battle Cards
    • Instructions and suggestions for use

Goal: The goal of the game is to collect the most battle cards by the time you reach the end.

While playing, you will learn about the following battles: The Nazi Invasion, The Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbor, The Battle of Midway, The Battle of Stalingrad, The Battle of Guadalcanal, D-Day, The Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, The Battle of Berlin, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.





Pearl Harbor Printable File Folder GamePearl Harbor


  • A printable board
  • Thirty-six cards with facts about Pearl Harbor and America’s involvement in WWII.
  • Instructions

The cards cover the following subjects:  Pearl Harbor, Japan’s Expansion, Axis and Allied Powers, Japanese Internment Camps in the United States, Battle of Midway, President Roosevelt’s “Day of Infamy” speech, Japan’s final surrender, and more!




History of Flight Printable GameHistory of Flight


  • A printable board highlighting four main divisions of the history of human flight.
  • Forty-eight question cards
  • Instructions

The questions in this game are divided into four main categories. Each category has questions relating to “Who”, “When,” or “Why”. The Who and When questions are multiple choice. They Why questions are open-ended. The goal of the game is to collect sets of Who, When and Why questions.

The questions include the following topics:  Early Flight, Airships and Blimps, Airplanes, Space Travel.



 Titanic Printable History Board GameFinding the Titanic


  • A printable board
  • Thirty-six cards including ten “Finding the Titanic” cards that give details about the discovery of the Titanic. The other cards give facts about the Titanic and its sinking.
  • Instructions





Chicago Fire Printable Board Game

The Great Chicago Fire


  •  A printable board
  • “Help” cards that will help players through difficulties on the board
  • Instructions







San Francisco Earthquake Printable Board GameThe San Francisco Earthquake

This is a simple “Chutes and Ladders” type of game.


  •  A printable board
  • Instructions








History of Flight Printable Game

I Survived: Five Epic Disasters


  • A printable board highlighting four major historical disasters
  • Forty-eight question cards
  • Instructions

The questions in this game are divided into four main categories.  The questions include the following topics: The Boston Molasses Flood, The Children’s Blizzard, The Titanic, The Henryville Tornado, and the Japanese Tsunami.

The game was made to correlate with Lauren Tarshis’ book I Survived: Five Epic Disasters and would make a great addition to the study of this book.


Joplin Tornado Printable Game BoardJoplin Tornado


    • A printable board
    • Thirty-six printable question cards
    • Instructions

Topics covered

  • How tornadoes are formed
  • Storms
  • Tornado facts






Hurricane Katrina Printable Game BoardHurricane Katrina: Race to the Rescue


  • A printable board
  • Rescue cards
  • Mission Accomplished Tokens
  • Instructions





September 11 File Folder GameSeptember 11: Rescue and Recovery


    • A printable board
    • Instructions and printable spinner

The game has three different paths which cover the following rescue efforts.

  • Firefighter
  • Boatlifters
  • Rescue Dogs



Most of my games work well with Lauren Tarshis’ I Survived series and can be used along with her books or on their own!

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