Free Toddler Sorting Activity

My toddler is at the stage where she loves asking and answering questions.  It’s one of her favorite pastimes, and it’s a great learning tool.  She also has been trying to play her older brother’s Fidget Spinner State Game,  so I decided to created a fun, free toddler sorting activity for her that would use a fidget spinner as a timer.

The game is really simple, but she loves to play it again and again.  Here’s a short video of her doing one of the activities.  (Be sure to turn the sound on.)


This matching activity is a great way to spend time with your child and will also encourage speech and language development at the same time.

The game includes four activity boards that ask the following questions.

  • Can you eat ______?
  • Do you wear ______?
  • Does a _______ drive on the road?
  • Is a(n)__________ an animal?

It also includes two sheets of colorful flashcards with familiar objects.

If you don’t have a fidget spinner, or prefer not to use one, all games include non-spinner versions.


Free Toddler Sorting Activity


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I hope you try the game out.  Let me know how it goes if you do!







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