World War II Game


This fun and educational game will teach your students more about World War II.  Collect the most battle cards and win.
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This game is part of my Printable United States History Games Book. Get over a dozen of my American history games for a discount!

Who is it for?

❑Teachers, parents, and homeschooling families
❑ Anyone looking to add a fun activity to the study of World War II

What’s included?

❑ A four-page printable board which may be glued to the inside of a file folder or just taped together. A low-color option of the board is also available. (See thumbnail.)
❑ Supply Cards and Battle Cards
❑ Instructions and suggestions for use

You will need to provide place markers and a die or spinner to play the game.

Goal: The goal of the game is to collect the most battle cards by the time you reach the end.

While playing, you will learn about the following battles:

❑ The Nazi Invasion
❑ The Battle of Britain
❑ Pearl Harbor
❑ The Battle of Midway
❑ The Battle of Stalingrad
❑ The Battle of Guadalcanal
❑ D-Day
❑ The Battle of the Bulge
❑ Iwo Jima
❑ The Battle of Berlin
❑ Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Basic Play: You collect a new supply card each time you land on DRAW. You then use those supply cards to win battles. You need a different supply card to win each battle. You need to have the supply card needed for that battle plus you need to land on the battle to collect that card. Sometimes you will also need additional supply cards.

You will also encounter other hazards where you can lose supply cards.

Most of my games work well with Lauren Tarshis’ I Survived series and can be used along with her books or on their own!

You’ll be surprised how much your students will learn while having fun. We did!

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