One Year Praying Through the Bible For Our Kids

The One Year Praying Through the Bible for Your Kids {review}

As part of Tyndale’s Blogger Review program, I received a free copy of The One Year Praying Through the Bible for Kids in exchange for an honest review. 

No amount of correct parenting will produce godly children.  We might be able to raise obedient, respectful, well-mannered kids, but only the Spirit of God can change our children’s hearts.  That is why prayer is so important.  For myself, I realize that truth daily with my own children.  It doesn’t matter if they’re sixteen months or sixteen years, God makes me see every day how much I need him.

The One Year Praying Through the Bible for Kids is a book that will have you turn your heart to God each day on behalf of your children.  I love the publisher’s description.

Daily encouragement for parents who realize the things they want most for their kids are things only God can do . . . so they pray.
As parents we want to protect our children; we want them to move forward in life; most importantly, we want them to take hold of and grow in Christ. And while the advice offered by parenting experts can be helpful, at some point we realize there are no simplistic formulas or sure-fire methods. We need wisdom from God’s Word for this all-important task.  In The One Year Praying through the Bible for Your Kids, trusted author Nancy Guthrie weaves together wisdom and insight from each day’s reading in The One Year Bible, providing encouragement through the triumphs and turbulence of parenting. Day by day you’ll find your dreams and desires for your children are becoming shaped more by Scripture than by the culture around you. Worry less, pray more, and help yourself to a daily dose of perspective, hope, and grace as you parent.

Praying through the Bible for Your Kids uses the One Year Bible plan of reading a portion of scripture from the Old Testament, Psalm, Proverbs, and the New Testament each day.  Because the text is not included in the devotional, you can use any version of the Bible you wish to use.

Praying through the Bible for Your Kids

This book has been an encouragement to me in praying for my children.  I like that the prayers are taken from the Scriptures you are reading that day.  Some of the prayers are for yourself as a parent and some are for your child.  Though the prayers are short, they are a great starting place and often I find fresh inspiration in them.

One of the thoughts in the daily devotions that struck me lately is that our words have limited power in our children’s lives, but the Word of God is powerful to reach their hearts.  Consider the following prayer adapted from the  Praying Through the Bible for Your Kids.

“Lord, work in my child’s life to place his life under the influence and authority of your Word. Lead my child to make himself accountable to its expectations, to submit himself to its demands, to accept its truth. Humble my child so that he might allow the Word of God to judge his thoughts and motives. Use your Word to shape his perspective, set his priorities, and show him what is truly valuable and beautiful.”

Whether you use a devotional like Praying Through the Bible for Your Kids or not, I hope you will be encouraged to realize the power that prayer and the Word of God have in your children’s lives.

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  1. i just have a quick question…for one whole year I have longing to buy your wooden planks for my boys…do you still sell them? we live in California…is the shipping cost prohibitive?

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