NKJV ABC Scripture Memory Flashcards

KJV ABC Scripture Memory Cards

Here are some KJV ABC Scripture Memory Cards I made for my daughter.  The cards are also available in NKJV.  We have long used and loved the ABC Scripture Set from Scripture Memory Fellowship.  This summer when my boys were working on the Bible Bee, my little girl wanted flash cards like her brother, so I made these cards (after asking permission) with the verses in the ABC set.

ABC Scripture FLashcards KJV NKJV

I have included a few sentences to go with each card to help you talk with your child about the memory verses. 

Just print out the cards.  I recommend using card stock and laminating for durability.  If you don’t already have a laminator, they’re inexpensive, and so handy!   I find so many uses for ours.  I hole-punched my cards after I printed them and put them on a book ring to keep them all together.

How to Use these cards:

  1. You can introduce a new card each week.  Say the verse and the reference three times at each meal with your child (or at other set times during the day).  You will be surprised how quickly your child catches on.  Children are capable of memorizing much more than we usually give them credit for.
  2. You could also read through all the cards at a time allowing your child to become familiar with all the verses at once.

I encourage you to include the reference each time you quote the verse.  I know that some people might feel that references are not important to memorize, but it is good to know where to find the verse in the Bible.  When your child is older, they will be glad to know the reference, and by saying it each time you say the verse, you can learn it almost effortlessly. 

Here is a coloring page for the first verse you might want to color as you learn the verse.

Preschool Bible Verse Coloring Sheet

The ABC Scripture Song CD from Scripture Memory Fellowship also has each of these verses on it.  My daughter listens to it at nap time and has picked up a lot of the verses that way.  I encourage you to check it out.

I also just recently became familiar with their SwordGrip material.  If you have older children, it looks like a great resource for Bible Memory.

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