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I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. Gilbert K. Chesterton

So this is my first blog post.  I hardly know where to start.  I’ve written so many homeschooling posts in my head the last couple years, but now I can’t think of anything important enough to put in my first-ever official home school blog.

I guess I should start off by telling you a little about our home school.  I home school four boys.  The oldest is in tenth grade this year and the youngest is second grade but he’s doing a lot of third grade work.

Baby girl joins us for school.

We also have an adorable little girl and as my son put it, “We have not had an orderly day of school since she was born last November.”  Actually it isn’t quite that bad, although I was shocked to discover just how much the boys had been letting slip when I was a little preoccupied with her the first few months after she was born.  We had a lot of catching up to do at the end of last year!  My boys learned though it’s much easier just to do the work when it’s scheduled and not be stuck with a lot of extra work, so it was a good learning experience for them and for me.

We use and love Heart of Dakota by Carrie Austin.  We’ve been using it for the past six years and I have now had the opportunity to teach all of the guides. My tenth grader, in the new World History guide, said this year that it’s the best year so far.

I started this blog to help other home schoolers as they’re making decisions as to what curriculum to use.  I’ve done a lot of research online and have been helped greatly by other bloggers who post detailed information about what they’re using and what they like or don’t like about it.  I thought I would add my tiny little drop of information to the vast sea out there and hopefully it will be of some help to someone.  So whether you are wondering about high school math or science or 3rd grade cursive, I hope you can find something helpful here.

Please feel free to leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from you even if it’s just a quick hello!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to our Wonder-filled Days!

  1. This is the exact reason I came across your blog! I’m researching for the next school year and I recently discovered HOD. I have 4 children, currently 8yrs, 6 yrs, 4yrs and 6 months. It’s a major adjustment learning to homeschool with an infant, I gotta say! We’ve developed a good system that involves a lot of individual work time but I want to try something different next year. I’m just wondering, with 3 different HOD curriculums, how did you divide your time? Also, how did you divide your day to fit in everything on the daily agenda? I’d love to hear how you juggled it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Hanah,

      An infant really does make a huge difference, but they grow up so fast! I have a two-year-old now, but she still manages to be a big distraction. Did you see my post about managing your day? It has some ideas of things I try to do to stay more organized. http://wonderfilleddays.com/6-tips-for-a-successful-home-school-year/

      I have to say that the older children are very independent when it comes to their schoolwork, but they are in the higher guides. I think with the ages of children that you have, you should be able to get through the days work in each guide quickly. That’s what I love about the younger guides. They really don’t take a lot of time.

      I hope you have a great school year next year!

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