Your Child is an Art Genius- New Art Curriculum Review

I’ve always loved to draw.  Somewhere along the way, I decided I wasn’t good at it because I couldn’t do very realistic drawings or draw people that looked like the people I was trying to draw, so I quit.  Homeschooling my children has given me a great opportunity to try different art forms and get back into art.  One art program I was given the opportunity to review lately is Beyond the Stick Figure by Sally Stansfield.

Why You Should Join the Bible Bee

Our family has participated in the Bible Bee for five years now.  We have been very blessed by our years spent in the Bible Bee.  The Bible Bee is a summer Bible study that your whole family can get involved in.  There are study guides for each age level including Beginner and Preschool ones.  I asked my eighteen-year old son to write a few words about his experience in the Bible Bee.

Nature-Themed Preschool Worksheets

I’ve recently created some Nature-themed preschool worksheets.  While I don’t think worksheets are an essential part of a preschool curriculum, some children love doing them. This set of worksheets cover math, literacy, and visual perception.  They have a fun nature theme with hand-drawn images.  I’ve added a touch of color here and there for interest, but I know we’re all ink-conscious so I’ve kept it to a minimum.

Picture Book Biographies of Famous Mathematicians

A while ago we checked out The Boy Who Loved Math from the library.  It quickly became one of our favorite math picture books. I loved all the math incorporated into each picture.  My son studied it over and over and read all the fine print in the back and said he wants one for his own. This led me on a search to find other great math picture book biographies.

Using Games in Your Homeschooling

Through the years, we’ve really enjoyed using games in our homeschooling.  There are so many games available that work perfectly to teach a variety of skills and subjects- math, spelling, language, team skills, strategy, logic, and the list could go on.  Of course, there are Scrabble and Pictionary which are great for spelling and vocabulary.  Uno is probably one of the best for teaching young children colors and numbers.