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Becoming a Woman of Excellence {review}

I received a copy of Becoming a Woman of Excellence from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

We all desire excellence in our lives.  After all, who wants to be just mediocre.  But do we have a vision of what excellence looks like?

When you think of the word excellence, you might think of many things: an excellent student, an outstanding athlete, a successful businessman, or maybe even an amazing dinner or dessert.

But how does God define excellence?  What does the Bible mean by the word when it describes Ruth as “a woman of excellence” and how does that apply to our lives?  That is what Cynthia Heald encourages you to find out in her devotional Becoming a Woman of Excellence.

Becoming a Woman of Excellence by Heald

The study is divided into four parts: the Goal, the Cost, the Prize, and the Praise.  In each part, Cynthia has you digging into the word of God so that you can discover for yourself what the Bible has to say.  There are guided questions and places to record your response along with scriptures to memorize.

This study will encourage you to meditate on the truths of scripture so that you can view excellence, not as the world defines it but as God does.  You will “explore not only God’s call to excellence, but also His provision, patience, and assurance that His power is perfected in weakness.”1

And you will be challenged to always ask yourself, “What would a woman of excellence do?  How would a woman of excellence respond in this situation?”

I really like how the study makes you study the Bible for yourself and also helps you see how it applies practically in your life.  If you are looking for  a study that will help you dig deeper into God’s word, Becoming a Woman of Excellence will help you do that.  And if you meditate on the truths found in it, your life will be changed as well.

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1Becoming a Woman of Excellence, pg 12

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