Bigger Hearts For His Glory- Unit 18

This week in Heart of Dakota’s Bigger Hearts for His Glory, we continued studying Daniel Boone and how he and his men carved out the Wilderness Road in preparation for new settlers moving west.  We also learned about Robert Fulton, his interesting childhood, and the invention of the first practical steam boat.

For artistic expression, we were supposed to mix flour, glue, detergent, and paint to make a thick paint.  (Mine ended up too thick so I added a bit of water.)  Then we were supposed to spread it in a cake pan, sketch a candle with fireworks in the paint with the pointed end of a paintbrush, and then press a piece of paper on it to make a copy of the painting.  The instructions said to try it several times, and we tried it three times.  I think the results were pretty good at the end.  We ended up using a cotton swab to remove more paint so that the image would show up more clearly.


We learned about the different men who worked together to lead up to the invention of the first practical steam boat by Robert Fulton.  Kevin made a notebook page and recorded the different steps that were taken.  Can you pick out the footprint that I helped with?


IMG_20160122_085108801 [3644337] (Medium)


Then we made our own waterwheel out of Knex and put it under the faucet to watch it spin.

IMG_20160121_082925107 [3106234] (Medium)

In Science, we finished up the book One Small Square: Woods.  Kevin made a science notebook page about plants that make food (green plants) and plants that can’t make their own food (funguses).  We also did an activity where we compared different kinds of owls’ wingspans, so Kevin recorded that on a science experiment page.  His guess about an owl’s wingspan was off by quite a bit.  The smallest owl- the pygmy owl- has a wingspan of fifteen inches, and the great horned owl has a wingspan of sixty inches.  (In case you’re paying attention, I think our book had us copy the wrong verse on the science notebook page.  I didn’t catch it until it was too late.)


Our poem for this week was “The Harbor” by Olive Beaupré Miller.  We discussed the poem’s meaning, practiced reading the poem with correct expression, and found examples of onomatopoeia in the poem.

For English we are using worksheets I made several years ago to go with Rod & Staff English.  We started studying adjectives this week.


We also made some Valentine’s Day decorations this week (yes, I know, we’re early), and took them over to my mom’s to decorate her Norfolk Island Pine.  She still has lights on it from Christmas, so it ended up looking really nice.



Thanks for stopping by and letting me share our week with you.

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