Bigger Hearts Unit 16 Painting

Bigger Hearts for His Glory- Unit 16

This week we studied the end of The Revolutionary War.  We also studied how the states united together to form a new nation and how Washington became the first president.

We also discussed a little about how this country is governed.  Kevin filled in a chart about the different branches of government.  I chose to use the file from the HOD facebook group, because it seemed like a difficult assignment, but after we were finished I realized it wouldn’t have been much harder for Kevin to make his own.

IMG_20160107_100521 [1005399] (Medium)


We also played the game Scrambled States of America to learn more about the states.  Kevin loves this game and has learned quite a bit about the states from it.

In science we continued reading One Small Square: Woods.  We learned about the different tricks insects and other animals use to hide from predators.  Kevin made a butterfly and hid him in the living room.  He found the couch was a good camouflage background for his butterfly.  Then he filled out a science lab form.


We also studied about the life cycles of different insects and Kevin made a notebook page about a Monarch butterfly’s life cycle.

Bigger Hearts Science page


We also read about Washington Irving who was named after General George Washington.  Washington Irving thought he would like to be a sailor when he grew up, but he ended up becoming an author instead.  We made a water-color painting of a sailboat.  We discussed warm and cool colors and Kevin used cool colors for the sea and warm colors for the land and sky.

Bigger Hearts Unit 16 Painting


For Poetry we studied the poem Washinton by Nancy Byrd Turner.  We looked for the poem’s rhyme scheme and discussed personification and found examples of it in the poem.  Then we made up some of our own sentences using personification by completing the phrases found in the guide.

The character quality for the week was integrity and the Bible passage was about Daniel who lived a life of integrity even in a hostile, foreign land.

Of course, we also did Handwriting, Math, Reading, and English, but I didn’t take pictures of those.  I’ll try to write about how those are going in a different week.

Thanks for joining us and I hope you had a great week.

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    • Thank you! I stress out too much about drips and splatters and paintbrushes not going in the right direction. 🙂 But you’re right, it did end up looking pretty good and I can imagine it looking great in a frame!

  1. I agree, that painting is gorgeous–it totally caught my attention first thing.

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